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Metadata Utility comes with a Pre-Built ‘Look Up’ List. Sample of ‘Look Up’ Lists are (but not limited to, listed in no particular order): Metadata Utility Resource
(For additional information, see section: -Metadata Utility Maintenance Main Switchboard – Metadata Utility Resource)
For additional informations, please click the links below.
-Studio   click here
-Data Provider click here
-MPAA Rating click here
-Path Builder 01 click here
-Path Builder 02  click here
-Country click here
-Country Code click here
-Status click here
-Contact Type click here
-Location Met click here
-Picture click here
-Data Provider API Key  Maintenance click here
-Application Launcher click here
-Country and Input Mask click here
-Case Event Category click here
To Launch ‘Look Up Usage’ do the following:
-Main Switchboard – (click on) ‘Enter/View Information Switchboard’ – (click on) ‘Look Up Usage’

Metadata Utility – Look Up Usage

In other words, any Drop-Down List is based/stored in the ‘Look Up’ Table. Each of the available ‘Look Up’, better known as ‘Drop Down’ List(s), has about 5000+ Available Records.
For Example, the ‘Studio’ List has a pre-populated List of 223 Records and it has still an additional 5000+ Available (empty) Records.
Should any of the ‘Look Up’ List(s) become full (meaning you  managed to fill out all 5000+ Records) and thus there be a need to add additional ‘Look Up’ Records, then do the following:
From the Main Switchboard, click on ‘Maintenance Switchboard’

Metadata Utility – Main Switchboard

click on ‘Look Up Maintenance Switchboard’

click on ‘Add New Look Up Records’

Metadata Utility – Maintenance Switchboard - LookUp Maintenance Switchboard - Add New Look Up Records

Select the number of records to add

Metadata Utility – Add New Look Up Records

click ‘Add’ to add more records

Metadata Utility – Add New Look Up Records

click ‘Yes’ on the Confirmation Message to Add the Records

Metadata Utility - Messages – Add New Look Up Records

Click ‘Ok’ on the Confirmation Message.

Metadata Utility - Messages – Add New Look Up Records - Confirmation

Records are added 'blank' with no Values. Once the additional 'rows' of blank records have been added, then you can populate, the desire List further (ie. Studio, MPAA List(s)). For additional Information, see 'How To' section: click here

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