Metadata Utility Path Builder List 02 is no longer working properly or being displayed properly, help me?

If you have accidentaly deleted, changed, modified any Path Builder List 02 is no longer working properly or being displayed properly (can be that you made the changed a long time ago and just discovered that the Path Builder List 02 are Not being displayed properly), then you can repair and restore the default Path Builder List 02 as follows:

  1. Option
    Restore your last BackUp prior to the change ‘WBe10.mde’ to ‘C:\DBases\Data’ (C:\DBases\Data\WBe10.mde)
  2. Option (least invasive)
    You can manually re-enter the Path Builder List 02 yourself – See the following Section(s): Metadata Utility – Description – ‘Path Builder’ Metadata Utility – Initial SetUp – Path Builder – Path Builder 02
  3. Option (reset to default)
    -Close out of Metadata Utility (terminated using Windows Task Manager if you have to), once Metadata Utility is closed, then either
    -download directly from our website a new ‘WBe10.mde’ and place it in ‘C:\DBases\Data’ (C:\DBases\Data\WBe10.mde) launch Metadata Utility and you are Done!

Restoring a Default installation of ‘WBe10.mde’ will also reset any of the following to a Default Installation/Configuration and Settings:
-Event Type Category List
-County Code, Country, Telephone(s) and Fax Number’s Input Mask(s)
-Status Category List
-Contact Type List
-Buddy Category List
-Location Met List
-Program Name/Location/Active/Not Active List
-Document List (not the Documents and/or Templates themselves)
-MPAA Rating List
-Data Provider List
-Studio List
-Resource Path List
-Path Builder List 01
-Path Builder List 02
-Data Provider API Key(s)
-Object Management
-Caption Management
-BackUp Path
-Licensing Information/Keys
Make sure you always keep a BackUp of you registration License/Keys
There is NO way to restore just ‘one’ of the above fields. The restore/reset is for ‘all’ or ‘none’ to a Default Installation and Settings.

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