1. General Principles

MetadataUtility.com’s efforts are to comply with the laws of Germany as well as in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).
Our application(s) are design to enable our users to better manage their metadata information. We do not access, nor have access to, any user data handled or otherwise on Personal Computer(s) (here therefor ‘PCs’) by our application(s). Files/Media are stored on our users’ storage devices, and are never uploaded to us or to 3rd parties.
We only collect personal data which is necessary and/or relevant and limited to what is at the time of use necessary for best customer services. Additionally, we do not store or process any personal data directly for example (but not limited to, listed in no particular order), online payments, orders, etc, but work in collaboration with reputable 3rd party services (such as Paypal) which help us provide our services in a way that is respectful of our users’ data and privacy (see article 8).
The personal data that we do have access to is necessary for us to provide efficient customer support, license management, dispute handling (refunds), as well as timely information about the purchased product. This information may include (not limited to, listed in no particular order) email address, type and date of purchase, license kind and activation status, and communications with our support team. At no point does MetadataUtility.com access or store sensitive payment information such as credit card number or PayPal account details.
Our staff works in compliance with the strictest standards of care and confidentiality. Processing of your personal data is carried out in full accordance with the applicable regulations.

2. Purposes of data processing

We only collect personal data for our customers’ services. This is why we collect personal data if and only if you purchase an Metadata Utility license, open a support ticket, or actively subscribe to our newsletter.
For your needs as an individual customer, your email address is collected and used to help you manage your license, inform you of updates to the product you purchased, warn you of potential security issues, and to follow up on eventual support requests. In addition, you may also decide to actively subscribe to our newsletter services to receive additional information and offers on our products, projects and company.
For the needs of all current and prospective customers, we may use your data in a fully anonymised manner for product development prospects, internal statistics relevant to the satisfaction of our customers (such as general trends or preferences) or general improvements of our products and services or other business-relevant data traffic information. See article 6 on more information.

3. User management and right to information

You may – at any given time – be able to access your own profile to view, update or delete it as needed.

4. Nondisclosure of information

If not otherwise required by law or legal injunctions, we do not share personal data with no other 3rd party than the partners set out below (article 8) and for no other purposes than these set out above (article 2).

5. Safety & confidentiality

All communications between your web browser and MetadataUtility.com, as well as between our software products and our servers, are secured by strong SSL encryption.
Additionally, access to your personal data is restricted to employees directly involved in customer support and analytics. Our support staff have been trained to observe our strict standards of care and confidentiality.
It must be noted that the Internet is by nature not a completely secure space for any data; you duly understand and accept that MetadataUtility.com is not liable for any direct or indirect damages regarding privacy breaches resulting from events such as, but not limited to, malicious 3rd party interventions or technical failures of any kind.

6. Anonymous Data & Cookie Policy

MetadataUtility.com uses cookies to enhance its service as well as to analyze site usage. MetadataUtility.com is committed to respecting your privacy and informing you transparently about the ways in which it collects your data.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a little package of information sent to your browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies are widely used to store user preferences, track sales, and provide anonymous analytics.

Opting-out of AdWords cookies
Google’s advertising policy

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). We use the collected anonymised data to analyze website usage and improve our content and user experience accordingly. By using our websites, you consent to your usage data of said website being transmitted to Google servers in the United States. Google Analytics does not identify users, and your IP address will not be associated with other data held by Google.

Retention Period: We have set the retention period of user data to Google’s minimum option of 14 months of inactivity.

Privacy Policy
Opting Out
More info about Google’s use of data

How to manage existing cookies?

All modern internet browsers have settings which let you block 1st or 3rd party cookies, or both. It is also easy to delete all or selected cookies, see the links below for instructions.

Delete cookies in Chrome
Manage cookies in Safari
Delete cookies in Firefox
Delete cookies in Edge

To learn more about your ability to manage cookies, you can refer to the privacy features in your browser.

7. Newsletter Policy

When you acquire a license for one of our products, you are automatically subscribed to our mailing list and we will keep you informed of important updates to the product you acquired. We never, EVER share your email for 3rd party marketing purposes.

8. Partners & Customer Support

Payments are processed through Paypal. MetadataUtility.com itself does not store any of your data, and none of the personal data you access through our products is uploaded to us or to any 3rd party. Collected and stored data is strictly limited to data which is relevant to the services we provide, such as email address, purchase history (of MetadataUtility.com products), license number and activation status, communications with our support channel.

9. Links to 3rd party websites

Our websites may contain hypertext links towards other websites unrelated to MetadataUtility.com. While we do our best to link to high quality resources, we shall neither be held responsible for the content of such websites, nor for data protection practices of 3rd parties which operate them. We urge you to check and understand their Privacy Policies before providing them with your personal data.

10. Updates to this Privacy Policy

Updates and modifications to our Privacy Policy will be posted here. Update history:
•2020/09/14: Updated Privacy Policy Revision

11. Contact

If you have questions or wish to give us feedback on our current Privacy Policy, please contact us (click here). For further information concerning the use of our websites, please read our Terms and Conditions (click here)

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