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Generate an XML-ID for Records in the Selected Queue that have no XML-ID (Batch Process).
-Make sure that records have been selected and placed in the ‘Selected Queue’ (for more information about placing records in the ‘Selected Queue’ see section ‘Placing records in the Selected Queue’  click here
-Alternative, if no records have been selected, then Metadata Utility will prompt if ‘all’ records should be selected and process all Records. Note This process will apply to only records in the ‘Selected Records Queue’ that have a missing XMl-ID. Any existing Records with an existing XMl-ID will not be impacted by this process (existing XML-ID will remain the same and will not be changed).
To use this feature, do the following:

On the main Switchboard, click ‘Merge Generator Switchboard’

Metadata Utility – Main Switchboard

On the ‘Merge Generator Switchboard, click ‘Metadata Utility Merge Switchboard’

Metadata Utility – Merge Switchboard

click on ‘WMC XML-ID Generate’

Metadata Utility – Merge Switchboard – WMC-ID
Metadata Utility – Message – XML-ID Generate
Metadata Utility – Message – XML-ID Generate

If NO records have been selected, then Metadata Utility will ask you if you want to run the Command clicked (ie. ‘Download Cover Art’, ‘WMC XML Profile Cache’, ‘WMC XML Generate’, ‘XML-ID Generate’) on ALL available records from your Media Library Queue (only). After the Batch Job Processing has been completed, then Metadata Utility will automatically Un-Select ‘All’ Records from your ‘Media’ Queue. This only happens if ‘all’ records are automatically selected.
If you have manually selected a group of Records from your ‘Media’ Library Queue for Batch Processing, then after the completion, the manually selected records, will still remain ‘selected’ (an may need to ‘manually’ be unselected).
To manually ‘Un-Select’ at once all previously ‘selected records, see ‘Metadata Utility Maintenance Sel-Unselect Switchboard’ Section click here.

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