Installation Instructions

Download the Application (and/or applicable File ie. ‘BackEnd’)

-Exit our of Metadata Utility (applicable for upgrade on existing installations)
-Download the appropriate Package (either Metadata Utility Full Version or Metadata Utility Update Version) to your Desktop.
-After the download has completed, then
-Right click on the downloaded file and select ‘Properties’

Metadata Utility – Download - Properties

-Click on ‘Unlock’

Metadata Utility – Download - Properties - Unlock

-Click on ‘Apply’

Metadata Utility – Download - Properties - Unlock - Apply

-Click on ‘Ok’ to Close the Properties dialog for the downloaded file

Metadata Utility – Download - Properties - Unlock - Apply - Ok

-After the download has completed, extract the contents of the Zip file (either double click on the file or right mouse click on the file and select ‘extract’).

Automated Installation

-Double click to run the Installer (EXE) file.
-Follow the Installer Wizard Prompts.
-Once completed, click ‘Finish’ to launch Metadata Utility.

Manual Installation – Advanced Users Only

-Move the extracted File(s) to the appropriate location:

BackEnd Files Default Location

BackEnd-Template Files Default Location



-Once completed, launch Metadata Utility.
For more information about Metadata Utility’s BackEnds clickhere

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