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This feature is designed for advanced Troubleshooting. It enables to run detailed analysis of the Data that is used to generate the needed XML Files. To use this feature, you must have a fully licensed Microsoft Word Version installed in your computer where Metadata Utility is also installed.
This feature Generates ‘XML’ Files for your Windows Media Center Movie Library (selected records) and it is intended for advanced trouble shooting, when you are having problems with your Windows Media Center Library –for example not displaying Metadata on certain movies, etc–.
For this feature to work, you must have a licensed running Version of Microsoft Word, as well to (and not limited to, listed in no particular order):
-trust settings in Microsoft Word to run Macros and/or
-trust ‘Metadata Utility’ and/or
-trust the ‘Metadata Utility’ Microsoft Word generated Template.
Under normal operation, users will run either ‘WMC XML Profile Cache’ to Cache existing XML/Windows Media Center Media Information to their Profile or run ‘WML XML Generate’ to create/edit/replace XML Files into their Windows Media Center Library. To learn more about ‘WMC XML Profile Cache’ and ‘WML XML Generate’, see the following sections:
– ‘Metadata Utility – WMC XML Profile Cache’ click here
– ‘Metadata Utility – WMC XML File(s) Generate’ click here
The pictures are an example of the settings in Microsoft Word 2010 (and/or later Version(s)):

On the main Switchboard, click ‘Merge Generator Switchboard’

Metadata Utility – Main Switchboard

On the ‘Merge Generator Switchboard, click ‘Metadata Utility Merge Switchboard’

Metadata Utility – Merge Switchboard

Click ‘WMC Merge’

Metadata Utility – Merge Switchboard – WMC Merge

-If No Records have been selected, then Metadata Utility will prompt and aks if all records should be selected
-If Records have been selected, then Metadata Utiltity will display the available Merge Options as follows:

Metadata Utility – Documents

These Templates are available for Download from our Website. Be sure to visit and download the latest Versions to use in ‘WMC Merge’ – For advanced users ONLY

Microsoft Word - Options
Microsoft Word - Options - Trust Center
Microsoft Word - Options - Trust Center - Macro Settings

IMPORTANT: Enabling Macros lowers your security as once enabled, then a malicious Macro may run unexpected commands on your system.
Though any Metadata Utility Templates (and Macros for advanced troubleshooting) are safe, enabling Macros in Microsoft Word will enable Macros for all Microsoft Word files.

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