Media – Pending Record(s) Queue (37)

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(click once) shows you records that you have not in your Media Library, but you are awaiting to add them to your collection soon (pre-fetching Data).

Notice that once you’ve click on the ‘Pending’ Button, Metadata Utility will read ‘Metadata Utility: Pending Records’ and the Button will then read ‘Selected’

-‘Pending’ Records are also known in Metadata Utility as ‘Master Metadata Information’.

-‘Pending’ Records will always have the following Fields blank:
‘TittleSupp’ (38),
‘WMC ID’ (38),
‘ID’ (Link) (38),
‘XML ID’ (38),
‘Chk’ (38),
‘Path Builder’ (38),
‘Path 1 – Main Resource/Network NAS’ (38),
‘Path 2 – Main Share’ (38),
‘Path 3 – Movie Path’ (38).

If ANY of the above fields is entered/populated, then the record will move automatically from the ‘Pending’ Queue to the ‘Media’ Queue.

Note: If you don’t have any ‘Pending’ Records, meaning that you have not Pre-Downloaded any future Movies that you will want to add to your Media Library (either Automatically using ‘Movie Online Search’ Tool, or Manually entered by you), then this Queue will be blank.

Metadata Utility – Main - Pending Records Queue
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