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(click once) shows you records that have been marked in the ‘Archive’ Queue. Records in the ‘Archive’ Queue represent those Records that you don’t (yet) have (or no longer have) in your Media Library but you whish to still keep the already downloaded Metadata in within Metadata Utility. For example, you may soon be getting those Movies added to your Library, thus you don’t want to delete the already downloaded/existing Metadata from Metadata Utility but at the same time, when you are processing Batch Jobs you don’t want Metadata Utility to use the Records in the ‘Archive’ Queue to generate (or Cache) the XML Files. For example, when you generate/built/re-build your entire Metadata Library, then you want to ‘exclude’ the records that are currently NOT in your Library, than this Queue is designed precisely for this purpose. You will also noticed that once you’ve click on the ‘Archive’ Button, Metadata Utility will read ‘Metadata Utility: Archive Records’ and the Button will read ‘All Records’.

To place a Record in the ‘Archive’ Queue, Type a ‘2’ –without the single quotes– in the ‘Chk’ Field, while editing the record).

To ‘UnSelect’ a Record, or place an ‘Archive’ Record back with the ‘Media Library’ click on the ‘UnSelect’ Button (alternative, while editing the record, you can Type a ‘0’ (Zero, not the letter ‘o’ )–without the single quotes– in the ‘Chk’ Field).

Note: If No records are found in the ‘Archive Records’ Queue, then Metadata Utility will be blank. The main difference between ‘Pending’ Records Queue and ‘Archive Records’ Queue is that ‘Pending’ Records Queue contain Pre-Downloaded Metadata Information for Movies that have NOT yet been added to the Movie Library. ‘Archive Records’ Queue belong to Movies that have previously been added to the Movie Library and either have been deleted and/or no longer are found in the Movie Library. For additional Information see section ‘Pending’ Records Queue.

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