Media – All Records Queue (45)

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will show you the entire Media Library + all Pending Records + including any possible records that may be marked as ‘Suspect’ + Orphaned Records + Archive Records all in a single Queue.

Note: ‘Pending’ Records will always have –at least– the following fields blank (empty):
‘TittleSupp’ (46),
‘WMC ID’ (46),
‘ID’ (Link) (46),
‘XML ID’ (46),
‘Chk’ (46),
‘Path Builder’ (46),
‘Path 1 – Main Resource/Network NAS’ (46),
‘Path 2 – Main Share’ (46),
‘Path 3 – Movie Path’ (46).

If ANY of the above fields is entered/populated, then the record will move automatically from the ‘Pending’ Queue to the ‘Media’ Queue.

Metadata Utility – Main - All Records Queue

You will noticed that once you’ve click on the ‘All Records’ Button, Metadata Utility will read ‘Metadata Utility: All Records’ and the Button will now read ‘Media’ (completing the cycle between all ‘Queues’).

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