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Shows you any relevant Events that have been logged either automatically or manually for the Movie record that you are currently looking at.

Events may have been logged automatically during a batch processing and/or may have been created manually (by clicking ‘Events’ – ‘Add Event’ – Entering and Event ‘Type’ and Description and clicking ‘Save’).

In the Example below, during a Batch process of XML generation files, Metadata Utility found and automatically logged a case Event as follows:

Event Type: 76 – Path/File Not Found

Event Description: Metadata Utility XML File Generation: C:\DBases\Data\Download\zMedia\00\Wmedia\+1.Party.Invaders

Metadata Utility – Case Events

For the example as seen on the picture to the right, the Logged Event means that, during Metadata Utility’s Batch Processing of XML File(s) Generation, a Path for the given Movie was NOT Found. (48)

This can mean:

-that the movie path truly does not exist, or

-the path built using Path Builder for the movie is incorrect.

In either case, with the Automatic and Helpful information from the automatic log event, then you can take the necessary action, ie. edit the given record and enter the correct path.

Some examples of Typical automatic Case Event Logging are:
52 – File Not Found
53 – File Not Found
76 – Path/File Not Found

(the Error ID Number refers to the most common but different/possible error Type(s))

Metadata Utility – Case Events
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