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The ‘XML’ Report is helpful to show you exactly how your ‘XML’ File will look like. After placing the records you whish to see in the XML Report (for additional information how to place records in the ‘Selected Records’ Queue, see -Metadata Utility – placing Record(s) in the ‘Selected Records’ Queue).
To access the ‘XML’ Report do the following:

-From Metadata Utility’s Main Switchboard,

Metadata Utility – Main Switchboard

-click on ‘Reports Switchboard’

Metadata Utility – Main Switchboard

-click on ‘Metadata Utility Reports Switchboard’

Metadata Utility – Reports Switchboard

-click on ‘XML’ – will show you a pre-view of how the ‘XML’ File will look like.

Metadata Utility – Reports Switchboard - XML

In our Example, we’ve selected the Movie “+1 Party Invaders” and proceeded to generate the report:

Metadata Utility – Reports - XML

In order for the report to work, you will have to select at least 1 movie from your Metadata Utility library.
To ‘Select’ a record, you can:
-click on the ‘Select’ Button on any given record, or
-enter a ‘-1’ (without the double quotes) in the ‘Chk’ field (while in ‘Edit’ or ‘Unlocked’ Mode on any given record)
the ‘Select’ Button on any given record is always clickable, regardless whether a record is locked or not.

If no records are selected and the report is launched, then you will receive a Message that no records are found, and the report will self-close:

Metadata Utility – Messages - Report No Data
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