Data Provider API Key Management

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In order to use ‘Metadata Utility Online Search Tool’, ie. to search online and download movie information (aka. movie metadata), you will need to register a Search Provider. Metadata Utility uses ‘The Movie Database’ as the main search provider for movie information.
-Launch Metadata Utility
-From the Main Switchboard, click on ‘Enter/View Information Switchboard’ – ‘Metadata Utility Switchboard’ – ‘Data Provider API Key’

Metadata Utility – Main Switchboard
Metadata Utility – Forms Switchboard
Metadata Utility – Data Provider API Key

Note: Enter ‘The Movie Database’ API Key – Make sure that you select only one single entry as ‘Active’ (in case you had multiple API Keys, even from the same Provider, then select only one API Key active. You can enter as many keys as you want, just make sure all other ones are NOT selected as ‘active’).
User’s who ‘out of the box’ start using Metadata Utility and simply don’t follow the ‘initial Set-Up’ will first run into an issue, once an attempt to either Generate XML Files and/or Cache XML Files to their Local Profile. In that case, just follow the online documentation to update the Media Resource as needed.

Metadata Utility – Data Provider API Key Maintenance

While ‘Metadata Utility – Data Provider API’ Key is opened you won’t be able to click on any other Windows that may be opened in the background. Close ‘Metadata Utility – Data Provider API’ Key to be able to go back to any other opened windows that may be opened in the background inside ‘Metadata Utility.
For additional Information on how to generate an API Key, see our Q&A Section: click here

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