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You will notice that next to the Record Navigator, there is a field ‘Search’. This is an additional and advanced search that is not to be confused with the main Search field at the Top in Metadata Utility.

Metadata Utility – Main - Navigation - Record Selector - Advanced Search

Once you’ve searched a movie, or you are in an specific Metadata utility view (Media, Pending, Suspect, Orphan, All Records), you can use this field to search in within the Metadata Utility view you are currently.
For example, if you are currently in the ‘Media Library’ View (Metadata Utility reads: ‘Metadata Utility: Media Library’), in which you basically are looking at your entire/existing Movie Media Library, you can search in within that Metadata Utility view (for this example ‘Metadata Utility: Media Library’) for example for: ‘Steven Spielberg’ (without the single quotes) and Metadata Utility will go to the first possible record in which ‘Steve Spielberg’ (again, without the single quotes) is found.
Once you tried it, you will see how powerful and functional Metadata Utility really is, making it easy to search, edit and manage your entire media library.

Metadata Utility – Main - Advanced Search
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